Get the most out of your Kleanse. By doing extra activities to encourage your body’s detoxification processes, you will promote the maximum benefit of juice cleansing. These recommendations will also combat the side effects of cleansing by helping you relax.

Pick your Kleanse and Prepare:

Before you begin the cleanse, decide what level of cleanse you will need.  We recommend you take our quiz to determine exactly what level cleanse is best for you personally.  To maximize your results, you should attempt to alkalize your body as much as possible.  Some healthy alkaline foods that can help include green juices, vegetable soups, fresh avocado, flexi oil, brown rice and soaked almonds.  Try to choose your cleanse and prepare 3-5 days before you begin the program.

Take a Detoxification Bath:

Skin is the largest cleansing organ in the body.  When you sweat, your skin eliminates more toxins and waste than the colon and kidneys combined!  During your cleanse, every 2 days try to soak with 1-2 cups of Epson salt, mineral salts or sea salts for about 15 minutes.  What happens is that the Epsom salt draws lactic acid out of the muscle and the sulfur elements help detoxify and draw the acid and toxins out of your body.

Visit the Sauna:

Spending about 30 minutes in a sauna will stimulate the therapeutic sweating you will experience during the cleanse and will allow the skin to act as a third kidney.

Dry Brushing:

Dry brushing will open up the pores on your skin and allow for optimal performance of your sweat glands.  This can accentuate the process of eliminating acids from the cells in your body.  Keep in mind that your skin can eliminate more than one pound of waste acid each day from your body.  Dry brushing is especially effective after a shower, bath, or trip to the sauna.

Acupuncture or Acupressure:

Often times these treatments are used to heal or help a variety of symptoms that cause discomfort.  During your kleanse you may find these treatments helpful in relieving headaches and other symptoms you may have.

Breathe Properly:

Getting fresh air is important for a healthy mind and body, but breathing properly is also an important factor that is often overlooked.  Breathing from the diaphragm often accelerates the removal of physical and emotional waste and will help give you relief and clarity.  This can also reduce anxiety and help remove the carbon dioxide from your respiratory system.  Try taking a few seconds every day to relax and take a few deep breaths.

If you have any questions about these tips and techniques don’t hesitate to ask us!  There are also a number of helpful sites on the Internet including http://americanutra.com with excellent information about juice-based cleansing.  Finally, make sure to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before you start your Kleanse.

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