What To Expect

You will probably need to adjust your lifestyle during the course of your Kleanse, especially for the first couple of days. Juice cleansing is a challenging but rewarding experience, and it is important to remember that the initial fatigue and hunger you face will subside after only a few days to leave you feeling clear-headed and refreshed.
Day 1

Feeling a little tired and hungry is normal for the first day.  These are just some typical symptoms of your body’s reaction to starting the cleansing process.  Your body will adjust to these changes over the next couple of days.

Day 2

Your body is still in the adjustment process.  You may be feeling the same symptoms as day 1, and possibly even some weakness and irritability.  But not to worry!  The toxins will slowly begin to leave your body.  You also may experience some sweating.  Again, these are all typical reactions.  To help with the irritability, try a light physical activity such as walking.  Going outside and getting fresh air is great way to relieve stress and irritability in general as well.

Day 3

As the toxins begin to move through your body, you may find yourself becoming slightly more sensitive.  The good news is that you will begin to feel less hungry and your energy will pick up.

Day 4

The hunger will subside even more.  You may also find that you are still sensitive.  Again, this is a result of the toxins moving through your body.  The best things for you at this time are hot showers, steams and body scrubs.  You will begin to feel stronger.

Day 5

You may still be feeling some of day 4’s symptoms. Additionally, today is the day you will finally hit a turning point and start sensing feelings of euphoria.  Your body will begin the process of feeling vibrant, lively and energetic.

Day 6

Your energy will continue to increase.  Your body will have an enhanced sense of health and wellbeing.  Your skin will begin to glow.  The last of the toxins are leaving your body.

Day 7

Congratulations! Your body will finally be cleansed and clean of toxic buildup that has been weighing you down.  You may find yourself feeling clear minded, having heightened senses, and a connection with your mind, body, and spirit.

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